Jennie McDaniel

Hi I'm Jennie & I am an experienced healer who brings a wealth of services to you.

  • Energy Reader - I balance Chakras & move energy.

  • Tarot Card Reader - I specialize in a 6 month spread.

  • Past-Life Reader - I tap into your parallel lives. 

  • Shamanic Journey- I'll take you on a vision quest to past lives.

  • Quantum Karmic Healer- Deep past life, karmic breaking.

  • Channel - I can channel most any entity.

  • Cord Cutting - Cut emotional and energetic cords.

  • Ribbon Tying - the energetic merging of Chakras. Used by couples to heal rifts in the relationship.

  • Twin Flame Coach- Old Soul relationship coach.

  • Hypnotherapy - General Relaxation & Guided Meditation, into a deep subconscious training session. Used to break habits and regress to Past-Lives.

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